Forget Bridezilla, the Bridechilla is here!

Forget Bridezilla, the Bridechilla is here!

We have all heard the stories about women who go mad over every last detail about their upcoming weddings, they are every bridesmaid’s nightmare and every TLC binge watcher’s dream. So dramatic, over-the-top and down right mean. But there’s a new kind of bride-to-be in town and she is taking over. The Bridechilla. She is a go-with-the-flow kinda gal, wary of matchy-matchy or overthought out details and just wants everyone to have fun. She is many of our amazing #THBrealbrides and I love her.

As modern couples start to veer away from the stuffy, in-the-box wedding style of generations before them we are seeing so many creative ways to celebrate nuptials. Choosing unique venues, gourmet food, excellent photography and an understated yet elegant gown. Bridechillas and their partners are focusing their energy on creating a memorable, fun experience for their guests that shows their personalities and their relationship over glitz and glam showmanship. They are prioritizing celebrating their story as a couple and they just want to have a really great party!

This trend follows through to fashion as most things do. Brides-to-be that shop at The Handmade Bride have a focus on quality over quantity, they value beautiful fabrics, workmanship and the uniqueness of their gown. They opt for simple, well-made silhouettes and shapes with gorgeous and original laces and fabrics. They want to feel like themselves, not like they are wearing a costume.

Our collection features 7 Canadian independent designers that create gowns in their own studios, they focus on modern, fashion-forward designs that fit well and flatter real bodies. We choose dresses that are special, not your typical white dress, something you can’t find anywhere else. And, of course, all our gowns are customizable or custom so if you don’t find that perfect gown on the racks then you can just create your own heirloom gown.

Photos by @gabykedz

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your one-of-a-kind wedding gown.

Dress by Abigail of Gardenia

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