Styled Fittings & Wedding Band Pop-Up Shop

Styled Fittings & Wedding Band Pop-Up Shop

We are hosting a wedding band pop-up shop and styled fittings for all our booked in clients! We are super pumped about this event because we have been wanting to do this for a while! This is how its going to go down: you book your alterations fitting, styling consultation or bridal appointment on June 14th or 15th. When you come in to the store there will be a cute little area set up with the insanely beautiful wedding band and engagement ring collection by Stor by Margot, you will browse wedding bands (because by this point you already got your bling!) and you can chat with Margot about creating your own wedding bands.

Next your appointment will start, if you are bringing in your own dress then you will put it on and its business as usual except that there will be a professional photographer, Charlotte Northrope Photography, there to capture the moment (so bring your peeps so they can get in on the photos!) We also are going to hook you up with a stunner of a bouquet by Pollen Nation Floral Studio so you can really imagine your look on the wedding day. Sounds fun right?!

Photo by Jonathan Kuhn Photography

Also, its free. That’s right, if you book an appointment with us for an alterations fitting, styling consultation or bridal appointment on those days, all of this awesome stuff will be happening in store! Better yet, plan your hair and makeup trial that day to get the full effect!

Here are some drool worthy images from Stor by Margot, see you there!

Engaged 101 Recap

Engaged 101 Recap

As a newly engaged gal, the world of wedding planning can feel overwhelming real fast as friends, family and big bridal magazines ask you a million and one questions that you don’t necessarily have answers to.

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered three industry pros to give you the best tips on how to create the most ‘YOU’ wedding. Use these non-cookie cutter wedding tips to help guide you through some of the important decisions of the planning process.

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Chantel Lauren Designer Showcase

Chantel Lauren Designer Showcase

From left: Kristen Biller Sales Rep for Chantel Lauren, and the designer herself Chantel Lauren


A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting Chantel Lauren’s whimsical designs here at THB and let me tell you, we were blown away by the craftsmanship of these gowns. What a treat. But beyond getting to spend time with the dresses, we were also delighted to get a chance to speak with the designer herself and to learn about her process and what inspires her unique designs.

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Forget Bridezilla, the Bridechilla is here!

Forget Bridezilla, the Bridechilla is here!

We have all heard the stories about women who go mad over every last detail about their upcoming weddings, they are every bridesmaid’s nightmare and every TLC binge watcher’s dream. So dramatic, over-the-top and down right mean. But there’s a new kind of bride-to-be in town and she is taking over. The Bridechilla. She is a go-with-the-flow kinda gal, wary of matchy-matchy or overthought out details and just wants everyone to have fun. She is many of our amazing #THBrealbrides and I love her.

As modern couples start to veer away from the stuffy, in-the-box wedding style of generations before them we are seeing so many creative ways to celebrate nuptials. Choosing unique venues, gourmet food, excellent photography and an understated yet elegant gown. Bridechillas and their partners are focusing their energy on creating a memorable, fun experience for their guests that shows their personalities and their relationship over glitz and glam showmanship. They are prioritizing celebrating their story as a couple and they just want to have a really great party!

This trend follows through to fashion as most things do. Brides-to-be that shop at The Handmade Bride have a focus on quality over quantity, they value beautiful fabrics, workmanship and the uniqueness of their gown. They opt for simple, well-made silhouettes and shapes with gorgeous and original laces and fabrics. They want to feel like themselves, not like they are wearing a costume.

Our collection features 7 Canadian independent designers that create gowns in their own studios, they focus on modern, fashion-forward designs that fit well and flatter real bodies. We choose dresses that are special, not your typical white dress, something you can’t find anywhere else. And, of course, all our gowns are customizable or custom so if you don’t find that perfect gown on the racks then you can just create your own heirloom gown.

Photos by @gabykedz

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your one-of-a-kind wedding gown.

Dress by Abigail of Gardenia

Real Bride Sofia

Real Bride Sofia

In this new blog segment we’ll be featuring some of our lovely brides who have been through The Handmade Bride process from start to finish. We truly hope that these stories inspire you while also giving you a little insight into the dress picking process for when your big day comes around!

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The Wedding Show for Clever Couples: Love, Handmade.

The Wedding Show for Clever Couples: Love, Handmade.

All brides & grooms know that attending a wedding show is a must for gathering wedding-intel in preparation for your wedding day, usually large, commercial trade show style gigs. Though they can be overwhelming with in-your-face sales grabs, fluorescent lighting and large crowds, how else can you easily meet tonnes of potential wedding vendors in one day? The problem, as I see it, is that most people don’t enjoy being herded like cattle though stark conference centres while pushy sales people try to get them to sign up for a “free” cooking class.

That’s why we started Love, Handmade. wedding show in 2014 and continue to host it every year since.

The premise of the wedding show is to bring in a curated group of local, independent wedding businesses that fit in with our boutique vibe. We want our attendees to enjoy their experience at the show and make real connections with vendors that they will be spending time with on one of the most significant days of their lives. The atmosphere is laid back, almost craft show style, and our attendees tend to spend more time talking to vendors and getting information then they would at bigger shows where they usually practice the ‘grab business card and run’ technique.

This year we are doing something a little different by hosting the show in a big old church. (ahem, fully licensed de-consecrated church which is now a Centre for the Arts). Its an evening cocktail style wedding show so we will be serving cocktails, wine and beer and people will walk around the aisles of this gorgeous old church and chat with vendors. The vendors are creating these amazing spaces that showcase their businesses and due to the unique venue we will definitely see their creativity put to the test!

Photo by Jonathan Kuhn Photography

This year the wedding show will take place from 3 pm to 9 pm so prepare for a good night out and enjoy the full experience the ByWard Market has to offer! We have partnered with some local restaurants who will be providing gift certificates to their restaurants for all our guests. Book ahead to get a table at any of the following spots: The Metropolitan, The Grand, Zaks Diner, Blue Cactus, Sur Lie and Luxe Bistro or join participating restos for brunch the next day.

Our grand prize giveaway is pretty, pretty nice this year!

Second place: Bottle of wine, appetizers and dinner for 2 at Luxe Bistro

Last thing to know is that we offer pretty legit swag bags to the first 100 engaged people through the doors (1 per couple). The bags are filled with goodies, no paper advertising is allowed so vendors go above and beyond to think of creative things to include in the bags. There is always a pretty big line of people waiting to snag their bag before the doors open so come prepared!

Tickets are on sale now and include a signature cocktail! $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

Location: St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, Corner of St. Patrick and Cumberland (its the huge church)

Date: Saturday, March 25th 3 pm – 9 pm

See you there!

Last year’s show captured by Kim Ing Photography

North American Wedding Dress Designer Tour

North American Wedding Dress Designer Tour

North American Wedding Dress Designer Tour

17 independent designer showcases

This season The Handmade Bride will be hosting a designer tour with 17 designer showcases/ trunk shows from some of our favorite independent, north american designers. We will be seeing the new collections from our existing and from new-to-us  Canadian and American designers. For these showcases, we will be hosting each designer’s the entire collection for a couple of days each. You can see the full line up below, if you like any designer in particular you can book a bridal appointment on the dates of their showcase.

Real Bride Mercedes

Real Bride Mercedes

Mercedes loved the simplicity of the Anais Anette slip dress, the dress usually has a lace overlay but she preferred the clean lines of the slip alone. She pulled it off in elegance and grace! See below for photos from her day!

Photos by Moore Photography
mercedes-26 mercedes-25 mercedes-24 mercedes-23 mercedes-18 mercedes-17 mercedes-16 mercedes-13 mercedes-8 mercedes-6 mercedes-5 mercedes-4 mercedes-3 mercedes-2

Hanging out with Randy Fenoli: Say Yes to the Dress

Hanging out with Randy Fenoli: Say Yes to the Dress

Hanging out with Randy Fenoli: Say Yes to the Dress Ottawa

A few weeks ago we had the honour to be invited to be the exclusive bridal sponsor at the Say Yes to the Dress event in Ottawa. Check out what went down behind the scenes with Randy Fenoli and our Grand Prize winner in her 2 hour private bridal consultation with The Handmade Bride and Randy Fenoli!


Here is a little more behind the scenes in photos from the day!

Thanks so much to Centrepointe Theatres for hosting, Flowers Talk Tivoli for our beautiful onsite florals, Up North Wedding Films for the video and Kamara Morozuk for the photography!

Shout out to our designers Truvelle, Maureen Patricia, Anais Anette and Zarucci for sending out all their gorgeous collections for this special event!

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Infinity Dresses: 10 Things We Love About Arroh & Bow

Infinity Dresses: 10 Things We Love About Arroh & Bow

Infinity Dresses: 10 Things We Love About Arroh & Bow Infinity Dresses

1) Handmade in Canada. As you know by now, we care about how things are made. Its important to us that our products each have a story and are made with heart and soul not just rattled off in a production line. Arroh & Bow infinity dresses are hand-cut and sewn in Canada where we can assure the workmanship that goes into each dress.


2) Bridal Gowns. Thats right! These infinity dresses come in Ivory or Off-White lace or satin jersey so you can wear it down the aisle. You can add a tulle over skirt to make it extra fancy. The best part – handmade yet still under $1000!


3) Nice Fabrics. The infinity dresses by Arroh & Bow are made with high quality, matte fabrics that drape beautifully in the skirt to avoid cling-age.


4) Different Sizes. Say ‘Hell, no!’ to one-size fits all, that just isn’t true. Arroh & Bow believes that the path to a good looking dress is in the fit. The dresses come in sizes xs – xl and are sized for real people.


5) Mama-Friendly. These are the only comfortable dresses for soon-to-be mothers and nursing mothers. No need for special sizing, the dresses are stretchy and drape sweetly over any baby bump. The straps have enough stretch to pull down for easy nursing. The models above and the one below are all wearing the same dress!


6) They look good. The infinity dresses can be tied in so many gorgeous styles and look great on so many body types. You can have formal gowns with full length to soft summer style with knee length, they are all fabulous.


7) Add Lace. You can add a lace overlay in a coordinating colour to any dress to take it up a notch. For a mismatched look try putting each bridesmaid in a different style but in the same colour.



8) You can wear a bra. If you don’t feel comfortable without a bra, these dresses are surprisingly easy to wear with a full or strapless bra. Each dress comes with a bandeau in a matching colour that seamlessly goes under the dress and hides a strapless bra. If you want to wear a full bra, simply spread out the straps to create a sleeve and full back. The Adele dress actually has a built in sweetheart bodice too!

9) They are so versatile. You can wear these dresses in sooooo many ways! Cap sleeves, strapless, v-neck, one-shoulder, halter and a million more!

10) Mismatched Bridesmaids. These are the ultimate dresses to achieve the mismatched bridesmaid look. Choose different styles in the same colour, the same style but tied different ways or a beautifully coordinated palette. 


Follow them on Facebook or  Instagram to learn more about their infinity dresses or better yet book a Bridesmaids appointment at The Handmade Bride and come try them on for yourselves!